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Enterprise culture

Taking the concept of accomplishing success in serenity of mind and striving for absolut perfection as the supremephilosophy.Zhiyuan has its unique cultural values combining traditional Chinese Toaism culture and modern technology.

Guided by this philosophy and the spirit of the time that advocates putting people first and keeping pace with the time,Zhiyuan devotes itself to forge a strategic platform where talents can be attracted,cultivated and developed.We create cleanandcomfortable environment for our staff to work,study and live and provide an easy access to standard ane humanized working,living and studying spaces,ranging from modern workshop,cafeteria,dormitory,training center,recreation facilities and other hardware conditions to functional education,safety training,sanitation and hygiene,leisure activities and so forth.The cohesive force in enterprise is therefore enhanced and the staff quality,such as being kind to others and being brave in making contributions,is improved.With this large number of high-quality staff serving in Zhiyuan,we are serving the public better.

Theory of business

The senior leaders of Zhiyuan put great emphasize on software and hardware construction of the enterprise. At the initial stage of plant construction,a large sum of fund was invested to bring in the world’s most advanced leather manufacturing and testing equipment,providing the necessary condition for the enterprise to produce high-end leather products.Meanwhile,zhiyuandesigned and set up a domestically top-ranking automated assembly line through combined research and cooperation with experts in all fields,thus remarkably improving work efficiency and saving human resoucre.
By virtue of its solid capital  strength, Zhiyuan employs both local and foreign technical experts, sets up professional laboratories and teams for technology research and development while at the same time takes in managing talents in the filed to implement internationally standardized management mode and brings in advance ERP management system,comprehensively promoting the management level and work efficiency, providing an overall and powerful safeguard for the enterprise to produce first -class leather products.
While progressively building its altitude ,Zhiyuan never forgets the importance of preserving ecological environment and brining benefits to human beings.We spared no expense to build a large-scale sewage treatment facility with a treatment capacity of 4,000 tons/day.The sewage is discharged in strict accordance with standards and the treated sewage complies with the country-level emission standard.